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Roundabout construction update: Main St. entrance closed

UPDATE:  The Main Street entrance to our Carmel site is CLOSED from...

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Cancer Companions Prayer Service

This brief prayer service (4th Sunday of every month) is for those dealing...

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Discipleship Blog

Pride of Ownership

We do not need to cling tightly to the things of this world, because they are, and always have been, in God's hands!

How tightly do you cling to things? Not just things but everything in the world? Do you find yourself needing the credit for a job well done? Have you thought about who is next in line for positions that you hold? Do you spend your effort on... { read more }

Cloudy with a chance of fire

The Presence in the Tabernacle teaches us that God is pleased to dwell with his people. { read more }

Solemn Sabbath Rest

The Lord declares Sabbath among his people so that they will know his provision. { read more }


Ours is a God of justice and mercy -- who wants us to know that we are forgiven. { read more }

The Big Ten

Inspiring wonder and awe, our God gives his perfect law to an imperfect people to remind us that he is always present with us. { read more }

He Knew Not

The new pharaoh forgot his history -- or maybe was never told -- and it set in motion a course of tyrannical rule and eventual demise. As believers, we live the story of Jesus, so that we will never forget and will live. { read more }


Whose voice are you listening to? In our hastiness, it is easy to hear an authoritative word and follow it -- even if it isn't from God. Abram's story reminds us to be discerning and to seek the Voice of God. { read more }

Come, Lord Jesus

Come, Lord Jesus is more than a rote dinner prayer. It is a profound cry of faith that anticipates the correcting and comforting work of Jesus! { read more }

Saved Forever

Forever -- that is a long time! We learn some things about forever in Hebrews. Jesus is our high priest forever because he is alive. He stands in for us forever. In Jesus, we are saved forever! { read more }

Present Future

In anticipation of the return of Jesus, we pray that the message of Jesus would spread rapidly. { read more }