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News: Hearts Compelled to Share

Fishers cross installed!

    On Friday, March 25 (Good Friday), the large structural steel...

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Fishers instrumentalists wanted

If you play an instrument, are planning on worshiping at the Fishers site...

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Hearts Compelled to Share: Now what?

Hearts Compelled to Share news… Q: Is the campaign over now? A...

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Hearts Compelled to Share: How can YOU help?

How can you help with our campaign? If you’ve already had your...

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Watch videos of our open forums

On May 3 & 10, Carmel Lutheran presented open forums to the...

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Hearts Compelled to Share: Family Video

Hear why one multi-generational family is supporting the "Hearts Compelled...

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Hearts Compelled to Share: Have you had your visit?

So far, our volunteers have met with over 325 CLC families. We’d love...

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Hearts Compelled to Share: Share in the blessing

The Hearts Compelled to Share capital campaign is about reaching the 57% of...

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"Hearts Compelled to Share" giving tip

Many employers offer a matching program for charitable giving. Several...

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Hearts Compelled to Share campaign update

Here's the campaign update as of April 8: Pledges to date: ...

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Hearts Compelled to Share: Something to think about during Holy Week

Did you know... 57% of Hamilton County is without a church home and will...

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Hearts Compelled to Share capital campaign: Be kind to your visitor!

Hearts Compelled to Share volunteers have been busy reaching out to Carmel...

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Hearts Compelled to Share capital campaign: What's your motivation?

What is it that’s motivating Carmel Lutheran disciples to become a...

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Hearts Compelled to Share capital campaign: Think long term

“Hearts Compelled to Share” is a five year capital campaign. You...

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Featured Event


Cancer Companions Prayer Service

This brief prayer service (4th Sunday of every month) is for those dealing...

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Hearts Compelled to Share

Current pledged total: $8,023,410! Praise God!

(426 pledges, as of August 1, 2016)

Sign up for a home visit to learn more by CLICKING HERE!

We need volunteers to help us reach everyone in our church family.
If you can help make visits, CLICK HERE!

The “Hearts Compelled To Share” capital campaign is different from past efforts in many ways. The most significant difference is that our volunteers will be looking forward to visiting with you personally about the vision for our ministry expansion in Fishers. When a volunteer calls you, please be receptive to a visit at your earliest convenience. We’re only asking for about 45 minutes of your time.

So what happens in one of these visits anyway?

A church volunteer will get to know you better, share the vision and plans for CLC’s multisite expansion to Fishers, seek your thoughts and opinions, and ask for your financial support.

What is the purpose of visiting everyone?

Our campaign volunteers have five objectives for every visit. They are: 1) Have a good time and enjoy the moment; 2) Develop and strengthen personal relationships; 3) Gain an understanding of the person’s perceptions about CLC, its ministry, and the capital campaign; 4) Ask each family to consider a pledge to the capital campaign; 5) Ask if they are willing to help volunteer.

So someone is going to ask me to make a campaign pledge?

Of course. We believe in being upfront and honest. No church can survive, much less grow, without adequate financial support. But we’re not there to twist any arms. Although your visitor will ask you to consider a generous gift to the capital campaign in light of the needs presented in the conceptual plan, what you decide to give is completely up to you.

Does the visit have to be in my house?

No. It can be wherever you’re most comfortable. Some have taken place right here at church, at a coffee shop, or during lunch.

No one has called me yet for a visit. What should I do?

Sign up at one of the Welcome Desks, call the office at 317.814.4252, or click here. If a volunteer has already contacted you, please respond promptly.