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Co-Ed Bible Studies

Co-Ed Bible Studies


    9-10 am

    • Location: CLC Carmel, room 100
    • International Friends Bible Study
      We’ll read in our own home languages and discuss in English the meaning and impact of this biography of Jesus, and how this book relates to our lives today.
    • Leader: Jan Heimann


    1-2 pm

    • Location: CLC Carmel, room 101B
    • New Testament Readings & Analysis with Detailed Discussion
      Verse-by-verse reading of New Testament books followed by in-depth discussions and analysis, with ample time for questions and viewpoints. We are currently studying the Book of Acts.
    • Leader: Dean Derby



    6:30-7:30 pm

    • Location: CLC Carmel, room 101B
    • Lifelight: Gospel of John
      John’s Gospel reveals the very nature of God himself, showing us the salvation that is ours in Jesus. Come with us as we grow in the joy of knowing Jesus and awareness that in him we have life. (We will finish up John, Part 1 in February, then proceed to Part 2.) The LifeLight study format follows an introduction with a series of questions to help us find the deeper meanings found in this portion of God’s Word.
    • Leaders: Don Hawes, Chuck Mihalik, Jennifer Behm