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On-Site Communion Appointments

On-Site Communion Appointments

Second Thursday of the month, 9am - 11am

All of our CLC sites are offering individual communion appointments on the second Thursday of every month from 9-11 am. These  appointments are specifically for those 65 and older and those who are immuno-compromised and will include confession, absolution, the Lord’s Prayer, the sharing of the peace, the words of institution, Holy Communion, and the benediction.

To register, call the church office at 317.814.4252.

Please note:

  • Those attending a service must cover their mouth and nose with a mask from the time they arrive until the time they leave.
  • Please remember to interact with one another from a distance of six feet, even in the parking lots.
  • Please follow the directions of the assistants as you arrive, participate in communion and exit.
  • Appointments will last approximately 7 minutes to allow for safe entrances and exits and thorough cleaning.

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