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2020-21 REGISTRATION FORM: Click Here

2020-2021 Class Options

Cornerstone Lutheran Preschool serves children ages two years through Pre-Kindergarten. The program seeks to introduce children to a variety of developmentally appropriate learning techniques and experiences. The activities of each session are planned around a flexible schedule consisting of the following: worship time, age-appropriate academic learning, arts & crafts, music, developmental centers, Bible lesson time, play time, story time, outdoor play or large motor skills exercises, discovery time and learning centers.

Friday Enrichment Class: We offer an optional Friday Enrichment Class for 4's and 5's. Our goal is to provide continued learning opportunities on different topics that engage children in fun and creative ways while preparing them for future academic success! Click here to download the Enrichment Class flyer.


Class Day Time
2's Tuesday/Thursday (short) 9-11:15 am
2's Monday (long) 9 am-1:15 pm
2's Tuesday/Thursday (long) 9 am-1:15 pm
2's Wednesday/Friday (long) 9 am-1:15 pm
2's Monday/Wednesday/Friday (long) 9 am-1:15 pm
3's Tuesday/Thursday (short) 9-11:15 am
3's Tuesday/Thursday (long) 9 am-1:15 pm
3's Wednesday/Friday (long) 9 am-1:15 pm
3's Monday/Wednesday/Friday (long) 9 am-1:15 pm
4's Monday/Wednesday/Friday (short) 9-11:15 am
4's Monday/Wednesday/Friday (long) 9 am-1:15 pm
4's Monday/Tuesday/Thursday (long) 9 am-1:15 pm
4's Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday (long) 9 am-1:15 pm
4's Friday Enrichment Class (long) 9 am-1:15 pm
5's Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday (long) 9 am-1:15 pm
5's Friday Enrichment Class (long) 9 am-1:15 pm

Please Note:

  • Children must meet the September 1 cutoff date for age of each class.

  • Children in 3’s classes and above must be potty trained.

  • Children in 2’s and 3’s classes may be enrolled in more than one class. For example, a 2 year old may be enrolled in the Monday only class as well as the Tuesday/Thursday class. Please be aware they may have different teachers and rooms for each class session.

  • The 4’s M/T/Th, M-Th and the 5’s M-Th classes are eligible to sign up for the enrichment classes offered on Fridays. Enrichment classes are also open to children not enrolled in preschool classes.

2020-21 SCHOOL CALENDAR: Click Here