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"Hop to the Cross" March 27

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"Hop to the Cross" March 27

This year we are excited to have a FAMILY FUN Easter event that is COVID safe! Join us for our first "Hop to the Cross" at CLC Fishers on Saturday, March 27, from 10 am to 12 pm. In lieu of our traditional egg hunt at CLC Fishers, families will walk together through multiple stations outside where they will experience the Easter story in a special way. Station events will include Bible verses, crafts, games, and even a small egg hunt at the end! If you are interested in our event, but you're not comfortable being on-site that day (or you can't make it), we will have an option where you can enjoy this activity at your home.


VOLUNTEER: We are looking for volunteers for this event. CLICK HERE to sign up.

DONATE: Empty CLEAN milk or water gallon jugs, individual prepackaged goldfish crackers, and mini water bottles. Please drop off at any site with "Egg Hop" on it.