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On-Site Worship this Weekend

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On-Site Worship this Weekend


On-site services are being held at our Carmel, Fishers and Indy sites. We are happy to offer this in-person worship experience! These services adhere to state guidelines regarding social distancing and safety.

Why Do I Need to Register for On-Site Worship?

Because we are following the state guidelines for places of worship and making sure we provide proper social distancing for those who attend, space in our worship areas is limited. Registering ahead of time lets us know if any of our services are getting close to capacity, allowing us to open additional services if needed. This ensures that everyone has an opportunity to safely attend worship.


In accordance with the state guidelines, we will ensure a distance of 6 feet between individuals or family units of the same households during services. During this time our on-site worship services will look a little different:

  • Attendance will be limited to 160 people per service (50 people for Indy).
  • Services will be condensed to 30 minutes to allow for safe entrances and exits, as well as thorough cleanings between services.
  • Those attending a service must cover their mouth and nose with a mask from the time they arrive until the time they leave.
  • All services will include Holy Communion.

Before registering your family, please read through the worship service guidelines listed below. These guidelines are based on state protocols for places of worship, as well as our own safety precautions. We ask that you read these guidelines before you enter worship:

  • If you are ill or symptomatic, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND ON-SITE WORSHIP.
  • Those 65 and older, or those who have an underlying at-risk health condition, are strongly encouraged to stay home and worship online.
  • Please remember to wear a mask at all time and interact with one another from a distance of six feet, even in the parking lots.
  • Please follow the directions of the worship assistants as you arrive and are seated.
  • Pre-packaged communion elements will be picked up when entering worship. Please wait for the Words of Institution before opening the elements.
  • While offerings will be accepted at stations outside of the worship spaces, we encourage you to continue to give your offering and fill out your connection card online at our website,
  • Bible study, Sunday School and DCL will continue to be ONLINE ONLY. There will be no on-site classes.
  • There will be no nursery services available.
  • There will be no donuts, coffee or any other refreshments served.
  • There will be no worship folders or service outlines. All liturgy, scripture, hymns and songs will be shown on the screens.


We will still have online services available. CLICK HERE  

NOTE: We are offering a Drive-In Worship option on June 14 at our Carmel site. CLICK HERE to find out more and to register.