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Sermon series: “Love, God”

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Sermon series: “Love, God”

God does so much for us, and He wants us to know about it. He sends His word, like a love letter, so we would see His active participation in our lives. The confidence and comfort of faith allows us to trust in Him no matter our season of life. We see all that God does as a gift sent by Him out of His great love! Join us for the next few weeks as we explore the love letters from God to us.

Sept. 20/21: “I provide for you. Love, God”
God provides for us—everything we need to support this body and life!

Sept. 26/27: “I love you! Love, God”
Humans show love in many different ways. God demonstrates His love for us in His sacrifice on the cross.

Oct. 3/4: “I forgive you. Love, God”
Jesus deliberately sought Peter out in order to forgive him and send him out to serve. Jesus does the same with us, too!

Oct. 10-11: “I’m always here for you. Love, God”
What does it mean to believe in a God of eternity? It means that this life is put into perspective; it is a foretaste of the feast to come when we will live forever with Jesus.