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What is Online Church?

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What is Online Church?

As our church looks for ways to reach out, care for, and build others toward maturity in Christ, especially in this time of social distancing, it’s important that we use all the tools God has blessed us with. One amazing tool He has given us is the internet. We have launched our online site of Cornerstone Lutheran Church and are finding new ways to disciple those in our community and beyond who are not able to come onto our other sites right now.

Our online site is a place where we can grow in our knowledge of scripture through things like Bible studies, grow in our relationships with each other through things like small groups, and grow in our faith life by interacting online with our community during our online worship services, as well as outside of worship. This site will be a great place for not only our current disciples, but for those who don’t currently have a church home, to get to know us and become part of our community.

Visit our Online Church by clicking here. For more information on CLC’s online church, contact Andrew Osborne (click here to email)