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CLC Cancer Ministry

CLC Cancer Ministry

    Cancer Companions Team

    Cancer Companions are trained volunteers who reach out to anyone in treatment, post-treatment or to their loved ones to bring hope to the recipient’s cancer journey through:

    • Christ-centered cancer support groups
    • One-to-one meetings
    • Uplifting Christian cancer blogs
    • Seeing God In Your Cancer Journey: A scripture-filled Bible study and video series.

    For information on helping with or being helped by Cancer Companions, contact:

    Download Cancer Companions brochure

    Cancer Companions Support Group

    Are you or your loved one on a cancer journey? You are not alone! Find hope and strength for the journey. Join our local community of cancer patients and caregivers coming together in faith in Christ. Contact one of the co-leaders listed above for more information.

    Cancer Companions National Group

    Want more information about Cancer Companions, including resources and blogs about the cancer journey? CLICK HERE.

    Handmade Prayer Shawls for Cancer Patients

    Knitting or crocheting is a wonderful way to use your talents to help others feel a bit of comfort. Cancer Companions is working to complete 500 comfort bags for local cancer patients. Each bag includes a hand knitted or crocheted shawl. Donated shawls can be dropped off at any church site (mark them “prayer shawls, Carmel site”). Questions? Contact Robin Wong (click here) or Cindy Koelsch (click here).

    Want to knit/crochet in fellowship with others? Join us on various Mondays from 7-8:30 pm in the Carmel Seniors Lounge. (Please contact Robin or Cindy, listed above, for dates.) Bring your own supplies. Don’t know how to knit or crochet? This is the perfect time to learn!