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Discover CLC Classes at Carmel & Online

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Discover CLC Classes at Carmel & Online

New to CLC? Learn more about next steps in being an active part of our ministry! Our next Discover Cornerstone Lutheran (DCL) class began on Sunday, September 13, but it's not too late to join! On Sundays at 9:45 am, you can participate at our Carmel location or via Zoom. To RSVP or receive more information about the DCL class, fill out the short form by CLICKING HERE.

DCL is specifically geared toward those individuals interested in learning more about CLC and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and partner with us in our ministry. Whether you have a Lutheran background, another denominational background, or are new to the church, we believe this class offers something for you. In DCL, participants will have the opportunity to discover at least three things:

  1. What we at Cornerstone Lutheran Church believe;
  2. What our purpose is and which ministries we advance; and,
  3. What each member’s unique role is as a disciple of Christ at Cornerstone Lutheran Church.

The class is also a chance to get better-acquainted with the pastoral staff and a great opportunity to meet other individuals and families.

The class will meet for 8 weeks, and we are happy to get you up-to-speed on material that is missed if you are unable to attend all the classes. Upon completion of the class we will have a special service to welcome you as members of Cornerstone Lutheran Church if you wish to partner with us in our mission of building others up in the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

If God has been drawing you to the ministry at Cornerstone Lutheran Church, then know that we are certain there is a purpose and a place for you here! Fill out the form HERE or contact Clarissa Hay (click here to email, or call 317-814-4252 if you would like to learn more.