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He Said/She Said: Being Men & Women of Faith

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He Said/She Said: Being Men & Women of Faith

What does it mean to be a faithful man or woman of God? There are many pressures and opinions given to us from our culture, and they so often conflict with what the Bible teaches. God has an incredible design for us, not only in regards to our own individual identity, but also in all our interactions and relationships. Christians are called to be different – uplifting one another and being an example to others. 

During the month of February, we will focus our attention in our sermons and Sunday Bible studies to encouraging healthy interactions and positive Biblical understanding of who we are as faithful men and women—not just in marriage, but in every interaction we have with one another.

Weekend Sermon Themes:

February 16/17: Yearning for Fulfillment (Jeremiah 17:5-8)

February 23/24: Uniquely Made (Genesis 1:26-28)


Sunday Bible Studies:

In February those participants of the large group Bible study will take part in a “round robin” style of studies at all three sites during the education time. Each site will cover the same three topics, but on different weeks (schedule is listed, below). In addition, these studies will have separate sessions for men and women to provide an opportunity for a more open discussion.


  • Carmel – Men, Gym / Women, Room 100
  • Fishers – Men, Gathering Area / Women, Worship Center
  • Indy – Men, Gym / Women, Sanctuary


"Men and Women in Culture": Are these examples that we should follow or that we need to overcome? What do these examples and the themes they present teach us about the way the world views manhood and womanhood? (Leaders: Clarissa Hay and Kurt Winkelman)

  • Feb. 17 – Indy

"Men and Women in Scripture":  Are there examples in the Bible that can give us a picture of the way God intends men and women to be? What does the Bible say about being a man/woman of faith? What stands in the way of men and women behaving well toward each other?(Leaders: Scott Giger and Kari Swan)

  • Feb. 17 – Carmel

"Men and Women in Community": How do we “spur on another on to love and good deeds”? How do we organically and authentically encourage each other to grow closer to God? How can we create a culture of mutual care where we benefit from each other and build each other up? (Leaders: Luther Brunette and Jan Williams)

  • Feb. 17 – Fishers

"Panel Discussion":  Led by a panel of men and women, we will join together for some lively discussion over the topics covered in the previous three weeks. Bring your comments, insights, and questions and enjoy the delightful combination of what he and she said based on what God said.

  • Feb. 24 – Carmel Worship Center, Fishers Worship Center, Indy Sanctuary